Thursday, February 18, 2010

Quilts Without Borders

There they are - the soon to be borders for the Leaf Quilt - in this gold and green fabric.Doesn't that title sound like it should be on a TV show as some investigative reporting or a place to donate your money to some tax-free organization? Okay, just kidding. I am trying to direct your attention to the fabric sitting along side of my sewing machine in the photo. I will be adding the gold strip of fabric as an inner border and cut a three and a half inch strip as an outer border from the green fabric for my Leaf Quilt. I thought I would be able to get to this today, but did not. I spent the bulk of my time pressing pre-washed fabric. I was getting it ready to use as the background for another quilt.

Things always seem to take more time than one thinks they will. That's often how it is for me anyway. I need to allow more time for things, to be more 'realistic' in accomplishing things. I should know this by now, but I hold out hopes of really accomplishing a lot on some days. Guess I allowed myself to get distracted. I didn't stay focused on this particular thing. That's okay.

I sewed with a friend this afternoon and really enjoyed my day. We went out for lunch and a bit of quilt shop fabric shopping. I engaged in a webinar on creating on-line shopping to further my business goals. I enjoyed a great visit with this friend while we sewed. All in all it was a good day. I will work to get those borders sewn onto my Leaf Quilt tomorrow. Being the one to set my own goals also means I can adjust and realign those goals to meet the situation. It's the perks of being 'my own boss'!!

New goal: Get the borders on that Leaf Quilt done tomorrow, on Friday!

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