Friday, February 26, 2010

I Want to Get Sewing Again . . . and Scrapbooking!

Sewing Studio still as I left it. I want to get to sewing again.Here's an image of my Sewing Studio in the basement just as I left it the last time I sewed downstairs. Yep, pretty much everything in the same posititon it was a week ago. Most of the sewing I've been doing this week has taken place at my friend's house and not here.

I have spent the last several days clearing out my Scrapbooking/Quilt Frame Room. I had allowed it to get piled up with 'stuff' over the past several months from non-use. Now that has all changed! It looks completely different than a did last week. I am so pleased to be able to start making use of it again.

Here a glimpse of the Yellow Scrapbooking/Quilt Frame Room in re-organization progress.I purchased the cloth leaders needed for my quilting frame last weekend. Now that I have those in hand I am anxious to get started on one of the many quilt tops that I have saved aside. I decided to empty the 'Yellow Room" (so named because of its color, I wrote about it here - and here.) I only want to bring back into it the things I know for certain I want to keep there. I rearranged the desks and storage units to better serve my purposes for scrapbooking. Now I'm ready to tackle the mess I have dragged out into the living room this past weekend.

Yes, every excess thing that had been stored, stashed or tucked away into the Yellow Room is now currently sitting on my living room couch or stacked along the north wall. It is a motley assortment of stuff saved as memorabilia, magazines, books, must-haves and hard-to-part-withs from the last many years. As I was hauling it out I could see right off there was some good stuff there that I will be keeping. There was also plenty of stuff I know I will be parting ways with. Now . . . how to go about doing that? At the moment I think I will be setting up several boxes. Trash will be going out into the trash bin or the shredder right off. Other things will be going into boxes: Possible Give-Aways, Definite Give-Aways, We'll See's. The final sorting began in a weak state of mind tonight. Alas I wasn't able to deal with it and therefore practiced some avoidance behavior. Turns out I'm good at that apparently. Tomorrow is a new day! So I begin again in earnest tomorrow morning!!!

I have decided to go through the stuff on hand to see what I want - and what will fit into my Yellow Scrapbooking/Quilt Frame Room (allowing plenty of room to move about). Then I will be announcing a "Come Pick From My Stuff Party" for all my friends. I've already announced this "Party" to a few people. They seem excited - they already know how much excess 'stuff' I have. I think I'll serve drinks and dessert for the party! Afterall, why not make it fun!?! Maybe some chocolate . . .

I am looking forward to tweaking this room more. I need valances on the windows; pictures, bulletin boards and decor hung; a shelf unit hung up, etc. I have a few things to bling it out a bit with personality. The overall look needs a few "WOW" pops of color - not just yellow, brown and black. I'm thinking some eye-popping bright pink, orange or red accents. Any suggestions? Can you tell enough from the photo? Perhaps I'll throw up some more photos tomorrow after I've worked on it a bit more. I cannot forget about my rattlesnake quilt I intend to hang on the wall in this room. Will that be a big enough pop of color? What do you think?


  1. Wish I could attend your "come pick thru my stuff" party.
    But alas the miles are too great.
    Becareful what you throw out. Of course that's how we get in the state we are with our love affair with STUFF.

  2. Hope the cleaning up some went well. It is always hard to give up things. And isn't it always the way soon as you get rid of something it would have been the perfect thing for the project you just thought of.
    JustIngrid swapbot


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