Sunday, April 19, 2009

Re-Vamping This Blog

My button jar is filled with assorted vintage buttons.I decided to track down all my previous attempts at starting to blog and either delete or re-vamp them. I've currently got all four blogs linked together. I considered deleting some of them, but decided to hang onto all of them for a little while. I plan on posting different kinds of entries to each of them as I get my on-line business going. This Sew Easy-Sew Cool blog will deal with simple, basic sewing projects that are good for beginners and occasional sewists. If your sewing skills are still in the beginning stage you've found the right place to be. I will be posting quick, easy project ideas here as a means of encouraging newbies to develop a love of sewing

We all start somewhere; we were all newbies at some point.

This jar holds a small portion of a variety of sewing ribbons.This site has seen a very l-o-n-g gap since my last post. I decided to leave the entry about the Stuffie pattern I was developing because it is an easy one for beginners. There was a recording of the television spot on KXMB and the Sew Easy program I did once per month at J&R Vacuum and Sewing. I am no longer working there, but if you're in need of a good sewing machine or any sewing accessories, check them out when you happen to be in Bismarck. I worked there for many years.

This blog, as well as my other blogs you'll find in my blog list at the right sidebar, is a result of my many years in the sewing world. I have gained an enormous amount of sewing knowledge and want to share some of it here and through my other blogs and website. Stay tuned as I work to develop my own on-line business with some original patterns, books, and various products I will be showcasing.

Be sure to bookmark this blog as one of your favorites so you can stop by often to check for my newest posting. I promise it won't be anywhere near the previous gap in posting!