Monday, June 15, 2009

Re-Vamping My Sewing Studio

I've made some great strides on re-vamping my sewing studio. The bulk of it is in place, now just to fine-tune some of the rest. I've got way more stuff than I need at this time. I managed to get rid of lots of excess 'stuff' that had been accumulating over the years. My last reorganization a year ago was more a matter of 'leveling' rather than 'purging' the old stuff. This time I threw out or gave away a lot of stuff that was taking up room. I want to get it down even more, so will continue to sort and purge as the summer months progress.

The last several days I've been taking a break from any sorting, purging and organizing. I've been fishing, boating, motorcycle riding, visiting with friends, etc. Now I'm refreshed and ready to tackle more of the clutter again. It's amazing what I've managed to stuff into these rooms and forget all about it over time. Lot's of stuff had not seen the light of day in years. Of course it was all stuff I felt I needed to save at the time, or just didn't want to make the decision at that time to get rid of it. Postponing that kind of decision has brought me to this major chore now. My thoughts now are more on simplifying and not hanging onto everything so much like has been my habit. I have to ask myself what am I saving this stuff for? I guess I'm ready to move on from so much of it now. Still . . . there's lots more to go through!

I've been working on sorting a huge box of scraps. I'm ironing and sorting by size and shape an accumulation of scraps in a wide variety of colors and patterns. These will all be cut up into 5 1/2" charm squares, 2 1/2" strips, or 3" and 4" squares. I'll just cut it all up for the time being so I'll have lots of color and pattern choices for another scrap quilt. I love scrap quilts! I've already amassed a variety of strips in different sizes to make up a string quilt or one of those stitch and flip scrappy quilts. It will take some serious sewing to get through the piles.

My quilting frame is set up in my new "Golden Yellow Room" that is freshly painted and carpeted. I have not loaded a quilt top onto it yet. I was looking through my collection of quilt tops and have several I figure I can practice on for my first attempts at quilting on the frame. I need to measure and prepare some backing fabric in order to do that. I also want to make up some frame leaders from canvas or some other sturdy fabric. I could purchase this, but since I have so much fabric on hand I think it would be more cost effective to look through my stash. That would also help wittle down on some of the excess. I know there is some heavier, sturdy fabric in the stash. It's just a matter of locating it. That will be one of my next projects once this box of scraps is taken care of and out of the way.

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