Friday, February 02, 2007

Start Anew!

Have been away from the computer (read: blogging) for quite some time. Decided to delete my previous blog entries and start again.

I've wanted to get back into "sewing for fun" and "sewing for myself" again. I think about it quite alot, but often don't take the time to just do it.

I've decided to start anew!

This year of 2007 I want to work on fabric book pages for one thing, and explore some "fun" sewing again. Perhaps even do some garment sewing and wearable art. Something just for me.

At left you'll see my "Stuffie" with his rough-n-tumble expression! It is a pattern I developed for a TV spot I do on a monthly basis. This little guy's debut was for the January filming of the "Sew Easy" spot. Doing him reminded me of making stuffed toys when my kids were little. It was fun to revisit some of those memories in the process of creating the pattern.

I've been enjoying reading through some blogs tonight and being inspired by so many sewing/art/craft sites. It is fun to see what others are doing, and the desire to get back in the art mode is starting to take hold.

Will see if I can refresh myself and dip into some of my fabric stash this weekend. I want to post photos of my progress. I'm so thankful for others posting their works in progress; it's truly an inspiration. Perhaps mine will contribute to inspire others as well.

I've most recently worked on a fabric page for use in a Sewing Club I teach at work. The January lesson was on couching threads and yarns and using ribbons embellished with machine stitching. We'll make a fabric page once per month to create a record of techniques we'll be covering throughout this next year.

I've been taking photos of step-by-step progress, but still have those tied up in my camera. Perhaps will take some time to post them here in a day or two.

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